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How Many Lives Does X-Risk Work Save From Nonexistence On Average

I make a range of estimates of how many lives work preventing existential risk saves from nonexistence on average, with a moderate estimate that in expectation, on average, work on existential risk saves a trillion trillion trillion lives per minute.

How I Came To Longtermism On My Own & An Outsider Perspective On EA Longtermism 8/17/2022

Through good parenting and Christianity I became a utilitarian, then through first principles analysis I let go of religion and got into Eckhart Tolle/New Age spirituality and learned about X-risk and the “spiritual enlightenment” of humanity as a potential solution to X-risk. I later got into social entrepreneurship and more systemic approaches to doing good, then learned about EA. I was surprised EA values AI safety so much, and I think broad longtermism (approaches to longtermism which are robustly good across many x-risks) may be underrated due to the vulnerable world hypothesis.

One True Kiss 3/10/2022

Unfinished, Magnum-Opus-Esque poem fragments

Exponential Habits 8/28/2019

Millions of little habits of how we think, feel, and behave come together to create who we are. But a few very central habits can have an exponential effect when applied together over time. I outline just a few of those habits here.

Love is God 8/19/2019

Perhaps God is Love; meaning Love is what ultimately creates the universe. But more importantly, to create a good life on earth for ourselves and all conscious beings, it is time to make LOVE, our GOD.

With Great Responsibility Comes Great Power 8/5/2019

Our beliefs determine what is possible for us. So what if your beliefs were unlimited, and you stretched to the farthest possible reaches of human potential? We’d create a utopian universe. That’s what. With the Law of Attraction, we create our own reality. And with the ultimate vision, comes ultimate power.

Re-envisioning Altruism: Toward a World Where Everyone is a Changemaker (Senior Thesis) 12/1/2016

Abstract: In a world which is changing at an accelerating rate, we face unprecedented difficulties. The only solution is to create a society which is altruistic, but not altruism as conventionally defined. This new altruism is unique in that it is not self-sacrificial but deeply generative. It consists of generating innovative social solutions which produce benefit to all, including the altruistic actor. This change must be systemic, meaning based in systems, and so sustainable. This systemic change will come about by altering the educational systems which influence our youth. We can give them the worldview that they can change the world in a positive way, and the tools to actually make this change. These are the tools of social entrepreneurship.

My Light 9/17/2014

A poem about using suffering for growth

Surrender 5/2/2014

A poem about non-dualistic surrender

Fire With Fire 7/19/2011

A parable on defeating evil

Pickle 7/6/2011

A poem that’s not about a pickle

It’s Not!? 12/24/2012

A parable on authority

A Buddy To The End 10/16/2011

A short story about Buddy, the best dog ever

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