Who Am I?

My name is Jordan Arel (,uh’REL). My mission in life is to create the paradigm and social systems necessary for the sustainable thriving of humankind.

My background is in contemplative psychology. I also previously did some children’s rights work. I recently discovered the Effective Altruism (EA) movement, and believe that their goal of “doing the most good possible using evidence and reason” is very close to my own, so I have been working closely with those in this movement in Berkeley, California.

In particular, I am interested in radically transforming the underlying philosophical and psychological mindset (paradigm) of all individuals via education & childcare systems, a radically more powerful mental health system, a new human reproductive system (human genetic engineering, get your mind out of the gutter); as well as social systems of coordination such as the economy, government, and internet/knowledge systems, to ones that allow us to collaborate in global harmony to achieve the massively positive-sum synergies that could result in trillions of trillions of trillions of trillions of human equivalent consciousnesses that experience continual states of depths of bliss and ecstasy that we can’t even begin to fathom into the far future. These goals have no preference for human entities over Artificially Intelligent entities or other entities, provided those entities are capable of consciousness and experiencing deep and profound happiness that gives the universe meaning and value.

This website was created a few years ago and has some of my earlier writings on it. If you want to collaborate with me or chat sometime you can reach me at (my first and last name which this website is also named after)1111(At)gmail(Dot)com.

Here is my LinkedIn:


Hope to meet ya soon!

All the best,

In Love,

Jordan Arel


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