Jordan Arel, 5/2/2014

Surrender is the name of the game..
Care to play?

You wonder while you wander
Why the fates spin their threads
In such silly pointless patterns
Though you’ve mapped the road ahead

“I want Truth!” Says the ego
With such booming certain tone
And you do, but do you know
The only way whence Truth is shown?

For while the Ground you stand is sturdy
So much so that Babylon
Can be built and reach the highest peak
Yet “Where is god!?”
The mind cries on

I’ll tell you if you’ll listen
If you really want to know
It’s a crazy little secret
That it’s here and everywhere you go

“No!!” shouts the mind, it yells
“Preposterous! ridiculous!! insane!!!”
But I tell you the truth
You can’t miss it
You don’t need to use your brain

You can’t find it, you can’t want it
It’s not lost, It’s too big in size
It’s already won
Be a good sport
And claim your prize!!

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