Jordan Arel, 7/6/2011

What a sight to see, I saw,

A light, a lamp,

Alit so bright,

But wary were’nt I,

I Were-ent beware,

And I mistook the

Flicker for

Heavenly glare

My fingers now burnt,

And blistering sore,

Find themselves grasping

At fire once more.

But this new Flame is soothing

And swallows the dark,

Like water It’s healing,

Sweet lick and soft bark.

It wags it’s small tail,

It happily plays,

It’s rainbow of colors,

Glow glittering rays.

As big as the moon,

As small as a pea,

The cry of a loon,

The buzz of a bee.

An Infinite Force you could never resist,

The Effortless Pull-

Does it even exist?

How close, how far, how low, how high;

Who, what, when, where, which, why why?

The point is the path is as plain as a pickle,

And I’m glad that my path has taken me to this pickle.

It has helped me to grow like a cucumber turns into a pickle,

And I don’t know how to end this so let’s just say… pickle.

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