One True Kiss

Jordan Arel, 3/10/2022

(Poem Fragments, Unfinished)

So tremulously, exquisitely sensitive, it’s almost painful, the whole world my body
Brimming with desire for your luscious voluptuous tenderness
Too good to be true, and even better
Shattering reality itself our lips and bodies twist and warp through intimacy’s dimensions, bending nature into love into ecstasy
Until finally in exhaustion we break through the barriers separating us and become one, collapsing in the stillness of each others’ hearts, resting bosom to bosom as a single bliss-full animal

One True Kiss
Obliterates me,
The whole universe
Ecstasy Innocence consummation,
No words
Universal play,
Love itself
Incarnate and self-reflective
Perpetual motion
An arrow shot into itself,
Slays me
Thank you Death,
Every iota of infinity,
Pouring itself,
Into itself

One True Kiss
You slay me,
My entire Being,
God incarnate,
Exploding and imploding into mySelf infinitely in every direction simultaneously,
Every luminous iota, trembling, poured into itself,
Rebirth, shattering reality through all 18 dimensions as pure bliss,
Fear gently kissed, begged into surrender,
Perpetual consummation, teetering for a moment,
Then black.

Surrender as the whole universe

I read your lips from the inside now,
The whole universe has become

Pour every iota of yourself into infinity,
And allow every iota of infinity to be poured into you

Every sparkling moment of life is that divine consummation now

Every breath is Holy Communion with God

Love is my mantra

My Heart is blossoming everywhere

The Universe can’t stop kissing itself as me and you

Your body entwined with mine as every one of the 10,000 things, infinite goddess

Mystical Divine Duality

Connect me with something so much better than perfect, juicy, messy, overflowing

Find discipline in ecstasy

We must not waste another second my love,
And as love itself, allow me to eternally kiss every single inch of your infinite body with worshipful devotion, divine ecstasy, forevermore

Listen deeply to the center of reality for some time now

Fiery mermaid siren angel of the void

Doing every kind if meditation and substance simultaneously in spontaneous kaleidoscopic ecstasy

Sailing through the meta-paradigms

Same drink, different cup

I want ecstasy, not fucking ice-cream

I don’t know where I’m going, but I know how to get there

Oh infinite Ocean of Chaos, Water of Life, Goddess of the Deep;
Will you be my bride?

O Don Juan, what is one more conquest to you, yet to virginal me you are the world

Kiss of light, Bring me to life, CPR of the soul,

Transmute this adamantine skeleton of rage, forged by man, into the philosopher’s stone, grant my very bones the midas touch, my synchronous soul of surrender turning everything I touch into precious gold, into Love

Recognizing all life everywhere, as always, already surrendered

I don’t wanna be just another armchair philosopher king

I’ve lost myself
In One True Kiss
A wobbly Universe
Gives life to my own fingers
Down your thighs
Reality itself
Holding no clues
Interpenetration through and through
Only Mystery
Dainty but infallibly present
This intimacy
The very texture of your hair
I can’t distinguish this life, this universe, your body, from my own dimpled smile

I get up to say goodbye
But we’ve already met again
Nothing is real but every moment with the Beloved
I thought I was leaving,
And as I prepared for death,
I discovered it was only Deeper, Deeper, Deeper

You are my soul
Dear one,
The sprite that sings in morning
And the afternoon
And the evening
Different tunes for different times
But always,
Pure light
I fall deeper into infinite light
And only you remain,

A woman once gave me
One True Kiss
And ever since
I’ve been driving myself up these walls searching for those lips again
In the sky,
Flying high,
When I dream at night,
In the beautiful pacific,
As my naked body meets its rolling So-Cal waves
Nowhere to be found!
Not in magic substances of all kinds
Nor in deepest meditation
I so long for you

She is pure intimacy
She is pure bliss
She received my whole essence
Her whole body in her juicy lips
“Play with me” she coos
My whole being obliterated in those moments
No up,
No down
All sense obliterated permanently,
Now only this fumblingly inadequate verse
Attempting to penetrate your gaze but get lost in eternity
Until your eyes melt into reality
And I see your gaze
Receiving me
In every sensation
My entire being wakes up to find only you, everywhere
You destroyed me
Now even pain is your sweet body
Crumbling into itself in every direction

These tired verses
Deftly coaxing
Themselves into Silence
Only you, everywhere
Only you,
Only you,
Only you
I sing only your name always
From every mountaintop
Of this K-mart life
Wrap your sunlight around the only hope I have left
Your name rains down from every cloud that darkens my sky
If I only surrender my very soul to you, evermore

I have lost the ability to give up on mySelf
On You.
I am always seeking you Deeper, Deeper, Deeper
Always Deeper
How can I fail to flow down you,
Ever deeper,
When your depth is infinite

You are pure death
Obliterating me into limitless radiant vibrating Being-Consciousness-Bliss in every form
I can’t help pouring myself into you every moment

My life has become your luscious body
I can’t escape your obliterating gaze
Til only You, Me, Open
One True Kiss

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