It’s Not!?

Jordan Arel, 12/24/2012

One day a traveler arrived at the master’s door. The master’s hut was located at the peak of the great sacred mountain spoken of in legend’s tales, which God himself was said to visit on occasion. The Master, one-hundred and fifty years old, dressed in simple robes and a flowing white beard, invited the traveler to take a seat as he poured him a cup of sweet smelling tea.

“I’ve been expecting you” Said the old man.

“It is widely believed that you are the last great sage on earth” proclaimed the traveler, “The only man who knows the secrets of God and the way to True Enlightenment.”

The Master simply smiled his knowing smile.

“I have come here,” The man continued, “to humbly ask that I may receive this knowledge you are fabled to possess. It is my only wish. I have abandoned my family, and traveled for many years across stormy seas and scorching deserts to find you. Please tell me now… What is the great secret? What is the meaning of life?”

After a long silence, the Master finally opened his mouth and spoke:

“You have come to the right place. The meaning of life is this:

Life is a flowing river, it neither halts nor tarries, to know this is to come to the Great Enlightenment.”

The traveler sat for a moment allowing the master’s statement to soak in. After briefly pondering this truth, the traveler erupted, “What do you mean life is a flowing river!? That can’t possibly be the meaning of life!”

The Master’s eyes opened very wide, and he replied with a mixture of confusion and despair:

“It’s not!?”

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